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From tree pruning to remote controlled tree removal, we offer services to fit your every tree care need.

Tree Pruning

Trimming or pruning trees and shrubs helps ensure trees are safe, promote plant health and maintain beauty. Improper pruning can weaken the branch structure, cause cuts to improperly heal, and encourage the growth of suckers that can divert nutrients from those areas of the tree that need it most. Oak Bros provides free proposals for all of your trimming or pruning needs and the help of an experienced ISA certified arborist should be your first and…

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Remote Controlled Tree Removal

The remote-controlled tree removal truck allows us to get into hard to reach places and creates a much safer working environment for not only our employees but for the client and their property.  We are the only tree removal company in Bloomington-Normal and Central Illinois that can provide this service and this peace of mind. With this new truck it enhances our safety, productivity, and efficiency at every jobsite. 

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Plant Health Care

Preserving Your Trees and Protecting Your Property The objective of a Plant Health Care (PHC) program is to maintain or improve the landscape’s appearance, vitality, and safety, using appropriate and responsible methods and treatments. We believe that trees offer economic, environmental, and social benefits, and here at Oak Bros, we have created programs focused on these aspects.   Whether you have a property with just a couple trees,…

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Tree Removal

Is a tree in your yard dead or dying? Standing in the way of new construction? Creating a safety hazard? Although tree removal should be a last resort, sometimes it’s the only viable solution to a major problem. And when you need fast, professional tree removal service in Central, IL, Oak Bros Tree Removal and Stump Grinding can help. Our Arborists at Oak Bros are experts in tree care. We have the equipment and skills necessary to remove…

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Tree Stump Grinding

If you’re like many other property owners in central IL, then you’re not alone in experiencing the frustration of having too many tree stumps marring your beautiful property. As arborists, Oak Bros Tree Removal and Stump Grinding offers tree stump grinding to deal with your tree stump problems once and for all.   Grinding on Down the Line Using state-of-the-art tree care equipment, our team can safely and efficently grind stumps…

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Tree Stump Removal

Is an unsightly tree stump ruining the look of your carefully planned landscape? Left alone, a tree stump can take years to decompose. But with our stump removal services , the healthy, vibrant look of your landscape can be restored quickly and efficiently. If our client is looking for removal of their stump instead of grinding it out then the use of an excavator is necessary to dig out the entire stump from the property.  At Oak Bros Tree…

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Air-Spading  The Air Spade is an arborist’s tool for safely excavating compacted or loose soil from the base of a tree or around its roots, without significant damage. The tool uses high pressure air through a hose to blow the soil away from a trunk or roots, which provides the opportunity to examine the condition of roots, root flare, or the trunk. Exposing the root flare can provide our consulting arborists with valuable information…

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Fire wood is for sale year round and is a mixture of hardwoods. These can be purchased in three different options.  1. Bundle of wood (as shown in the picture) 2. Face cord (4ft x 8ft) 3. Full cord (3 face cords)    Pick up or delivery options are available.

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Storm Clean Up

Getting your life back in order after a devastating storm takes time. From property repairs to storm debris cleanup, the process can be frustrating, physically taxing, and time-consuming. But we can help. At Oak Bros Tree Removal and Stump Grinding, we assist property owners in central, IL with cleanup after damaging storms.   There for You After the Storm At Oak Bros, we know what a difficult and emotional time this is for you and your family.…

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Emergency 24/7 Service

Consists of 24/7 emergency services. Including removal of fallen or damaged trees from designated areas in the event of Tornadoes, Hurricanes, ice storms, high winds, etc. When you call Oak Bros someone will always answer your call day or night and make every effort to be on site within 2 hours!

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Snow and Ice management

We service commercial and residential throughout Mclean County. Operations activated at 2inch accumulation or as requested in designated areas. We provide salting by ton for Large properties or by bag for smaller properties. 

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