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The Air Spade is an arborist’s tool for safely excavating compacted or loose soil from the base of a tree or around its roots, without significant damage. The tool uses high pressure air through a hose to blow the soil away from a trunk or roots, which provides the opportunity to examine the condition of roots, root flare, or the trunk. Exposing the root flare can provide our consulting Arborists with valuable information regarding the general health or structural integrity of your tree like girdling roots or unhealthy soil .


A beautiful landscape can improve the appeal and value of your home or business in Bloomington, IL, and mature trees can greatly enhance your yard’s look. But unfortunately, as the trees around your property mature, their expanding root systems can become problematic. Above-ground roots can be both unsightly and unsafe, causing concrete to buckle and creating tripping hazards. But root removal – unless done by a well-qualified professional – can compromise the health of a live tree and could even necessitate its complete removal. Call Oak Bros to speak with an ISA Certified Arborist!

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