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Will Too Much Rain Damage Trees?

June 30, 2021

Water requirements of trees varie by species. It is no secret that trees love water it just depends on how much water is too much. Water helps the tree distribute nutrients and minerals to the root sytem.


But is there a thing as too much rain?


Yes is the answer! Too much rain can cause the hault of photosynthesis. Which hinders the tree from absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere influencing the trees ability to release oxygen back into the air. Not good for us humans! Some other symptoms the trees can suffer from is compacted roots, suffocating them due to lack of oxygen, changes is chemical composation, and too much water can create mineral toxities. This can lead to root rot.


Here are a few ways you can take action if your trees have been exposed to mass amounts of water

Oak Bros Tree Care has ISA Certified arborist that bid the work and conduct the pruning, removal, and treatments of trees. We pride ourselves on safety and knowledge of trees. Please give us a call if your in need of our services because of rain or flood damage. We have the resources and the knowledge to help.