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Deep Root Fertilization

March 30, 2023


Are you looking for ways to ensure that your trees are healthy and thriving? Look no further than Oak Bros Tree Care's deep-root fertilization program!


You want your tree to be at its best. To grow. To live longer. To thrive. For this to happen, your tree needs care throughout the year. Mulch should be applied underneath the dripline, the root system should be watered during dry spells, and fertilization should take place to combat drought and/or insufficient nutrient symptoms. Fertilization helps replace necessary organic matter and nutrients that trees use annually.


Our climate has evolved to periods of intense rainfall followed by prolonged drought conditions. The growing environment your tree was once adapted to is rapidly changing. With change comes prolonged stress. As stress persists, your tree becomes weaker and weaker and unable to ward off infestations of insects and infections of diseases. Trees need healthy soils to thrive rather than just surviving from year to year.


Soil dictates your tree’s ultimate success or failure. Urban soils in our area are low in organic matter and beneficial soil microbes while containing a high amount of clay. While clay soils have the ability to hold a high amount of minerals essential to tree health, they also have higher soil pH, higher compaction, and lower pore space. With all of these attributes combined, our soils can not provide a thriving environment for your tree to grow in. This is where Oak Bros Tree Care steps in.


Our spring and fall deep-root fertilization soil program utilizes the most advanced forms of organic matter, plant hormones, simple sugars, and minerals to improve your tree’s soil environment and ensure your tree is set up for success. We use: multiple forms of carbon to increase your soil’s ability to hold more water and minerals, decrease compaction, and provide beneficial soil microbes a habitat; simple sugars to provide food for beneficial soil microbes; and plant hormones to stimulate root growth. If our Certified Arborists see that your tree is suffering from a nutrient deficiency then we use the above soil program along with micronutrients tailored for your tree and soil to reduce stress.


After years of development, our soil program is built to make your tree less susceptible to drought conditions, insect and disease stress, and environmental change so that they thrive for generations to come. Our team of Certified Arborists has the knowledge and expertise to address any issues your trees may be experiencing and to provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. Whether you need tree trimming or cutting services, a diagnostic site visit, or simply want to ensure that your trees are healthy and thriving, we are here to help.

So if you're looking for a local arborist or a tree trimming/cutting service near you, don't hesitate to contact Oak Bros Tree Care. We are committed to partnering with you to create top-quality tree care services and protecting your tree's ability to thrive for generations to come.