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New Service: Pruning Recovery

April 20, 2022

In the Tree Tourney … how about giving yours a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Round BYE!


Tournament time is here and wouldn’t it feel great to have the ability to actually influence the outcome the way you want. What if you could give your team a BYE for the first few rounds?


When your tree suffers a wound, immediately a competition begins between the tree and pests. Can the tree seal over the wound before the pests arrive? Or will the bacteria, fungi, or insects win and make it to the exposed wound before the tree can seal it off? Who is going to get there first?


Trees are amazing in their ability to recover from wounds. It’s important to understand trees do not HEAL a wound; they SEAL it off. The tree recognizes a wound and begins the process of sealing it over with new tissue as well as inwardly walling off the area to protect against decay or pests.


Unfortunately unlike most pests, your trees do NOT do anything quickly. They need time.


We are offering a new treatment that will buy your tree more time to recover and also help strengthen its immunity. We are calling this new treatment combo “Pruning Recovery”. 


It will provide your tree with a 1 year resistance to a variety of insects that are drawn to tree wounds. It also provides a 3 year immune system stimulant that will help strengthen the tree to recover from the wound. 


The “Pruning Recovery” treatment can give your tree a 1st Round Bye, keeping the pests away in summer 2022 and then a recovery boost in ‘23, and ‘24.


If your tree has been pruned within the past year or has suffered damage from the elements, 

schedule a free appointment with one of our ISA Certified Arborists. Let us help your trees maximize their vitality and longevity.