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Tree Work Scheduling FAQs

Read below to get more information about our scheduling process.

Scheduling FAQs


Our schedule is booked out approximately 8-12 weeks due to high volume of calls and it is our busy season. If you have already accepted your work order, you should be in our system and our office will reach out to schedule a date typically one week in advance of the anticipated work date.


1. Once you have made your deposit, you should not have to do anything further on your end. From the date of acceptance, expect to be contacted within 8-12 weeks to set up a date. We can assure you that if you do not hear from us before 8 weeks, it is not because we forgot about your work order. We have 2 crews running at all times but have unforseen circumstances such as weather, equipment breakdowns and crew availiblity that impact our schedule.


Example: If you accept work on 10/1, you can expect us to reach out around mid November-early December to set up a date.

2. We will do our best to give a one week notice.

Example: If our office has your work scheduled for November 1, we will contact you one week prior or the week of October 24 to give a specific date and time you can expect us.

3. We have found that it is most efficient to give a one week notice versus a few weeks or months notice, which is why we are unable to give a specific date and time so far in advance. We have multiple moving parts that go into scheduling, such as weather, equipment and crew availibility. It is very hard to ensure a specific date weeks in advance since many things can change on a daily basis. This method ensures that a job will not have to be rescheduled multiple times, which can cause frustration for the client.

Example: We tell a client on October 1 that we will be out to do the work on November 1. Within the month, we have 5 rain days, 2 crew members out sick, emergency storm removals and a piece of equipment breaks down. Now we are delayed minimum 5 days and have multiple jobs to reschedule. The November 1 job is now delayed, and we would need to reschedule despite telling the client we would be there on that day. 

4. If your job requires a service drop with Ameren or Cornbelt, we will typically reach out sooner than 1 week prior since that requires additional scheduling and Oak Bros, the client, and Ameren will need to agree on a mutual date.

Example: If we are looking to have your work scheduled for November 1 and it involves a service drop, Ameren will need to be notified at least two weeks prior. Our office will need to schedule a time with Ameren, as well as work it into our own schedule to ensure both companies can be there at the same time.

5. If you have a service drop involved, that date will not change once the service drop is scheduled. The only way it would change is if there is inclement weather since Ameren/Corn Belt will not disconnect in inclement weather conditions. If your job requires a service drop, please review your schedule thoroughly before committing to a date, because once it is scheduled we cannot guarantee that we can change it.


Example: Oak Bros and Ameren have your work scheduled for Oct 31. Client calls a few days in advance to reschedule. We cannot guarantee that we can get your new preferred date because we need a 2 week notice.

6. If your job has stump grinding, you can expect it to be done within 3-10 days following the completion of the tree work. The crew that comes out to do your tree work is not the same crew that will be out to do the stump grinding. Typically stump grinding occurs the week following. If the only work you are getting done is stump grinding, you can expect it do be done within 3-10 days upon acceptance.

Example: If your job is scheduled for October 1, stump grinding will be completed the following week of October 8. This ensures that JULIE will have enough time to mark the area and clear the stump of any communication or gas lines. Oak Bros will contact JULIE to set up an appointment for them to mark the stump.

7. If you signed up for our 24 Hour Notice list, we may contact you sooner than 8-12 weeks to get your work scheduled. This does NOT apply to jobs that require a service drop, oak pruning or Plant Health Care services. Plant Health care follows its own schedule which you can view below.

Example: If we are in a certain neighborhood and the crew finishes early and needs a job to go to, we may pull a job from the 24 Hour Notice list that is in the same neighborhood to maximize our scheduling and production.

8. Oak Pruning is only done during dormancy, which is typically mid November through February. If oaks are pruned during any other time, they become highly susceptible to disease and infection. We will carve out time during those winter months specifically for oak pruning. Regardless of when the service is accepted, it will be completed during winter dormancy.

Example: If you accept oak pruning in March, it will not be completed until November.

9. Plant Health Care services do not follow the 8-12 week timeline. Depending on the species of tree, treatment and time of year, we typically follow our Plant Health Care Schedule regardless of when you accept the work. These treatments can only be done during certain periods of the year or else they will not be effective. Please review our schedule below.

Example: If you accept a treatment for Apple Scab in August, we will complete it April the following year. 


Click here to view our Plant Health Care Schedule


10. Schedules are subject to change due to weather, equipment breakdowns and crew availibility. Oak Bros also offers 24/7 Emergency Services and those will take priority.


Example: Your job is scheduled for November 1, but the night before we receive an emergency storm damage call. Typically, these emergency calls would take priority and we would need to reschedule your job due to urgent emergency jobs with trees on houses that need immediate attention.

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