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Plant Health Care Schedule

Plant Health Care Schedule

Oak Bros Tree Care & Removal

Please view below to see when your recommended treatment will be completed.


Insect, Mite, or Disease Treatment Date Range
Aphid (bark) May-July
Aphid (soil) March-April OR October-December
Apple Scab (foliar spray) April-May
Bagworm (soil) June-July
Bleeding Canker (bark) April-October
Boxwood Leafminer (foliar spray or soil) May-June
Boxwood Psyllid (foliar spray or soil) April-May
Boxwood Spider Mite (foliar spray) April-May
Bronze Birch Borer (bark) June-August
Bronze Birch Borer (soil) March-April OR October-December
Bronze Birch Borer (trunk injection) May-August
Cedar Hawthorn Rust (foliar spray) April-May
Diplodia Tip Blight (foliar spray) May-June
Emerald Ash Borer (trunk injection) June-August
Fire Blight (bark) March-April and September-October
Honeylocust Borer (bark) May-July
Honeylocust Borer (soil) March-April OR October-December
Japanese Beetle (acephate-soil) June-July
Japanese Beetle (imidacloprid-soil) March-April OR October-December
Lace Bug (bark) May-August
Lace Bug (soil) March-April OR October-December
Pine Bark Adelgid (soil or bark) May-July
Rhizosphaera Needle Cast (foliar spray) May-June
Scale Insects (soil or bark) May-August
Spruce Spider Mite (foliar spray) April-May and September
Two-Lined Chestnut Borer (bark) May-August
Two-Lined Chestnut Borer (soil) March-April OR October-December
White Pine Weevil (soil) March-April OR October-December
Zimmerman Pine Moth (trunk spray) April and September
Fertilization, Chlorosis, Growth Regulator, and Soil Excavation Treatment Date Range
Air-Spade Soil & Root Excavation March-October
Cambistat Growth Regulator (soil) March-December (any time ground is not frozen)
Chlorosis (trunk injection) October-December (start at beginning of fall color)
Deep-Root Fertilization (soil) March-May and October-November


If the treatment you were recommended is not listed above, that means there are multiple different treatment methods to choose from based on timing and pest vulnerability and will be done under best discretion of the arborist. Please contact Aaron Schulz for more information.

We do not do any Plant Health Care treatments from January and February, since that is dormant season and it will not be effective.

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